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Removing Spider Veins for Our Fresno, CA Clients

Spider veins are a common aesthetic blemish that countless people of various ages suffer from on their legs and faces. California Vein & Laser specializes in helping our clients rid themselves of these unsightly blue webs using cutting-edge treatment options that safely remove them in a relatively comfortable procedure. Spider veins are dilated capillaries that resemble spider legs, and they’re caused by blood pooling in the veins near the skin’s surface. There are many possible causes for spider veins, including trauma, obesity, heredity, and fluctuating hormone levels. These visible veins are common among those over the age of 30, as well as pregnant women, and they can become more numerous as you age. While spider veins are rarely a threat to your wellbeing, they may contribute to the formation of ulcers, or large sores in the skin. It’s better to seek treatment to remove them than to risk complications. At our practice in Fresno, CA, we treat spider veins on your legs and your face.


Effective Procedures to Treat Spider Veins

California Vein & Laser assures you that the procedures we use to deal with spider veins are safe and relatively comfortable for clients to undergo. We use minimally invasive methods that effectively remove the veins from sight with little to no downtime following your appointment. Our treatment options include the following:

Radiofrequency Ablation (VNUS Closure)

To perform this procedure, we use radiofrequency waves to direct heat energy through a catheter into the spider veins and damage them to create scar tissue. This damage closes off the veins and removes them from your face or legs. Smaller spider veins may disappear quickly after just one treatment.

Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT)

This treatment involves directing a laser at the spider veins to remove them. The heat energy from the laser light destroys the tissue and closes off the veins so that they disappear. Small spider veins may go away immediately after treatment, and the laser destroys the veins without causing damage to your skin.

Enjoy Vein-Free Skin Again at California Vein & Laser

Spider veins on your face and legs don’t have to ruin your appearance. Let the team at California Vein & Laser use our training and expertise in treating vein disorders to remove them and restore your skin to a vein-free complexion. We’ve helped countless clients in Central California resolve their spider veins, so contact us if you have any questions about your condition and how we can help. Let us help you enjoy showing off your skin again by scheduling an appointment with our skin and leg specialists.

Restore Your Skin’s Flawless Appearance