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Treating Fresno, CA’s Varicose Veins With Sclerotherapy

At California Vein & Laser, we understand the embarrassment and discomfort that varicose veins on your legs can cause. You may be reluctant to wear shorts or spend time tanning at the beach due to the unsightly blue bulging lines on your legs. Varicose veins don’t have to translate to an early end to swimsuit season. Our talented team of vein disorder specialists offers minimally invasive solutions to remove them and restore your appearance. Varicose veins are a common problem for people of various ages, and getting treatment for them at our practice is easy and relatively painless. Not seeking treatment for these bulging veins in your legs can lead to clotting and painful complications, which is why we stay current on the industry’s most effective methods and technologies to provide the best possible solutions. Don’t let your varicose veins hinder you from enjoying the sun and breeze on your legs any longer. Let our staff in Fresno, CA remove them quickly to restore your smooth, blemish-free legs.


Safe & Comfortable Solutions for Your Legs

Sclerotherapy is a simple procedure that involves injecting an irritant into the blood vessels to cause inflammation, coagulate the blood, and narrow the walls of the blood vessels. The varicose veins close off and reduce until they disappear, leaving you free of their unsightly bulging presence. California Vein & Laser offers different procedures to treat vein disorders, including the following:

Ultrasound-Guided Sclerotherapy

To perform sclerotherapy, we may use ultrasound mapping to guide us as we inject your abnormal veins with a sclerosant medication. As the veins close, your body will dissolve and absorb them over time. With ultrasound mapping, we can deliver treatment that ensures the conclusive elimination of your varicose veins.

Spider Vein Laser and Sclerotherapy

By injecting the irritant into spider veins, we can cause the same reaction of the vessels closing off and disappearing. As the blood clots and the walls stick together, the body will dissolve and absorb the spider veins. We also use laser therapy to heat and damage the vessels so that they form scar tissue and go away.

Schedule Treatment at Our Vein Disorder Practice

California Vein & Laser is ready to help you look your best and feel comfortable in your skin again with safe and effective sclerotherapy for unsightly varicose and spider veins. We make sure you’re comfortable as we skillfully remove these visible blood vessels from your legs and face. Our team will gladly answer any questions you have about our vein disorder practice and the services we provide, and we invite you to schedule treatment for a vein-free appearance.

Restore Your Skin’s Flawless Appearance